The decision to create a manufacture group about processing and production of building stones with a different belief and the slogan "One step forward"was taken in " August or September 2016", which was later called "ATI STONE". The existence of Bagherabad mine (Bayat) as the largest gray mine and the holder of the best gray marble in the world called "Silk Imprador" or "Persian Silk", lack of good quality production, lack of proper distribution network, widespread attention of builders and architects, were some of the reasons for ATI STONE establishment. Therefore, the ATI STONE Group started its work with a factory in order to "specialize the production of Persian Silk marble from Bayat mine" and now, after two and a half years produces a little more than 28,000 square meters of beautiful Persian marble per month in 7 factories. This type of stone is produced in the dimensions of tiles and slabs in Fars province. More than 190 people are currently working full-time in the ATI Stone Group. The ATI STONE group belongs to Bagherabad (Bayat) mine, so with unlimited access to the valuable raw stone of this mine has produced this beautiful stone. Supply and production of Persian Silk stone for 100,000 square meters of the project located in Tehran, Yazd, Kermanshah, Mashhad, etc. And injection in the market through the best distributors all over the country and export to different countries are other successes of the ATI stone group. Participating in prestigious domestic and foreign exhibitions and establishing an executive group for repairing stone and installation are other activities of ATI stone. Western European raw materials, Italian machinery, efficient personnel and a young directorate are unique features of the ATI Stone Group. The ATI Stone Group has bigger goals in mind, and we hope to be trusty and successful servants in the stone industry.​​​​​​​


Production and processing​​​​​​​

The ATI STONE Group is currently processing and manufacturing building stone in more than five factories. Persian Silk or Silk Imprador is the most important stone produced by the ATI Stone Group, which includes 80% of our monthly production of 30,000 square meters. One of the most important reasons for the high quality of production and processing of the ATI Stone group is the existence of factories equipped with the most advanced equipment in the world. "Ati Brown" and "Crystal Maron" are other products of the Ati Stone Group..​​​​​​​

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Design, installation and Implementation​​​​​​​

Due to requirment of respectable customers and also the lack of experts in the field of design, installation and implementation in 2016, ATI Stone Group established a technical and engineering group in the field of design, implementation and installation, which was widely attended. The important features of the ATI stone group, including expertise, commitment and professionalism, made to receive many offers from all over Iran, and as a result, doing one of the largest development projects were entrusted us in the country..​​​​​​​


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 Relevan mines​​​

According to its established goals, the ATI Stone Group will supply the required raw materials only from three mines, that all of three belong to Bayati Brothers Holding.
A) Bagherabad large mine is the exclusive supplier of Persian Silk stone.
B) Dehbid Black Mine supplies ATI Brown stone
C) The Neyriz quartz Mine has beautiful Crystal Maron Stone. This kind of stone is the newest production in the ATI Stone.


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Bagherabad mine​​​​​​​

The existence of Baqarabad mine (Bayat) as the largest gray mine and the owner of the good gray marble in the world called "Silk Imprador" or "Persian Silk" has made the ATI stone group is the only manufacturer of this beautiful and high quality stone in Iran and the world

Nowadays, more than 190 people are directly employed by the ATI Stone Group, which almost 110 of them are working in the Eghlid complex and the other people in the factories in Neyriz.​​​​​​​

Wafastone factory​​​​​​​

Wafastone factory is the newest factory in the ATI stone group. The purpose of this factory is to produce the highest quality Maroon crystal stone. By distinguishing the tasks of each factory, the ATI stone group performs the processing operation more professionally

Daryastone factory​​​​​​​

The Daryastone factory, with an area of about 4,000 square meters, is responsible for feeding the southern diamond factory. In this factory, the stones, after cutting, gluing and netting, go to the southern diamond factory to perform epoxy and sub-operations​​​​​​​

Southern Diamond Factory​​​​​​​

The South Diamond factory is located on a land with an area of 5,000 square meters. The main part of the production of this factory is related to Persian Silk stone. The existence of up-to-date machines in this factory guarantees the quality of the tile production line of the ATI stone group​​​​​​​

Big Belkooh Stone Processing Complex​​​​​​​

Belkooh factory is one of the prominent factories in the country, which is located in Fars province, Eghlid city. This factory is built on a land with an area of 45,000 square meters and has an indoor production hall with an area of 7500 square meters. The equipment of this factory is from the Italian brand simec, which is one of the most famous brands in this field. The advantages of this complex are the existence of several saw machine and the complete slab line, which is equipped with the most up-to-date machines, including the class furnace, sub, etc., as well as the complete tile line


Why us?

The main and most important feature of a successful group is the human resources of that group. The presence of experienced human resources from the smallest member to the managers of the group can eliminate many other defects. According to our professional principles, we select the group agents with a lot of obsessions and after the training and internship courses, we assign them to work that has already been defined for them. Also, the job description of each person is completely specified and communicated to him to prevent any problems.

Expert personnel​​​​​​​

Just look closely at the factories of the ATI Stone Group to better understand what makes us a leader in the field of building stone. Having a collection such as the Belkooh factory, which uses the most up-to-date technologies in the world, significantly making different quality of our products to our other competitors.
The presence of advanced equipment in the factories of the ATI Stone Group, which all of them are world-famous brands such as Simec Italy, confirms our claim
We invite you to observe this unique combination of art and industry closely.​​​​​​​

Advanced collections​​​​​​​

Quality control at all stages of production and processing of products is one of the most important purpose of the ATI stone group .At the beginning of stone extraction from the mine until the final stages such as sub and cutting can take them out of the production cycle. These factors encourage us to consider the quality of the ATI stone group’s products equal to the most advanced factories in the world. We are always proud of 100% customer satisfaction of product quality

Good Quality production​​​​​​​

Global reputation​​​​​​​

Although due to the current situation in our country, it seems difficult to compete with foreign companies, but we are able to adapt to global markets with continuous efforts and overcoming all the problems forward. At present, the products of the ATI stone Group will be offered in more than 15 countries of the world and have been widely attended by different customers across the borders.
Undoubtedly, such feedback is not accidental in the current situation and is a good criterion for showing the values of the ATI stone group​​​​​​​

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