?How is manufacturing process of marble

First of all, I would like to tell that marble is a natural material that are extracted from quarries in different parts of the world; hence it can’t be manufactured, but can only be process in marble processing units or as commonly called “marble factories.” However, various marble products can be used to develop an array of products

Below is the Step-by-Step description of Marble Processing/product manufacturing at

Like other natural stones, large marble blocks are extracted directly from quarries (surface quarries or mines; depending on the deposits and availability in a particular area)

These blocks are then brought into processing units (usually located close to quarries to avoid excessive transportation cost and prevent damage)

At marble factories, these large blocks are sliced into slabs of varying sizes, known as gangsaw slabs. This can be one product depending on the requirement

Large gangsaw slabs can be further cut into smaller slabs by a specialized cutter; hence the name given cutter slabs. This also can be a product as per the customer’s demand

Depending on the requirement, either the gangsaw slabs or cutter slabs can be modified or given the shape of a specific product. Most common marble products are flooring tiles, kitchen countertops, vanity tops and work tops, steps, risers, bathtub surrounds and shower wall covering

Prior to installation and generally on customer’s demand, the product surface is given a specific finish that adds to its natural beauty. Popular marble finishes are polished, honed, tumbled and brushed

Depending on the requirement, edge profile are also defined for certain marble products like countertop prior to the installation. Common marble edge profiles are ogee, bullnose, dupont, waterfall, stairthread, chiseled and bevel, among others

An important point be noted is that throughout various stages of marble processing, quality inspections are done multiple times that include checking the desired size, thickness, finish, edge profile and quality of the marble used

Finally, the marble products are safely and properly packed in strong wooden crates to avoid any damage (chipping, scratch or breakage) during the transportation process


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