Sorting in the ATI STONE GROUP

Sorting in the ATI STONE GROUP
Color spectrum
In general, Persian silks produced can be divided into two categories, dark and light, about 15% of which are light and 85% of which are in the dark category


Whiteness in Persian Silk Stones can manifest itself in three general forms: bevel white lines

white halos or white spots, in which case they are called "white line", "cloud" and "Cotton flowers" respectively

  Also, some of the stones produced that have chrome or yellow lines are offered in different grades and at different prices

Dear friends, you can see all these sorts on our site and in the store section

sorting in ati stone group
sorting in the Ati stone group

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ثبت کلمه عبور خود را فراموش کرده‌اید؟ لطفا شماره همراه یا آدرس ایمیل خودتان را وارد کنید. شما به زودی یک ایمیل یا اس ام اس برای ایجاد کلمه عبور جدید، دریافت خواهید کرد.

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بازگشت به بخش ورود

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تغییر کلمه عبور

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