Iranian Stone Industry is profitability industrial

Iran's stone industry is always one of the most profitable industries due to containing non-oil currency. Fortunately, the good growth of this industry in recent years has made Iran is one of the top 8 countries in the world in terms of exporting building stone to other countries such as China, India, Australia, Turkey, Qatar and Iraq. Among these countries, China is in the first rank with $ 126 million and Iraq and Turkey are in the second and third rank among the stone importers from Iran with $ 73 and 17 million, respectively. Iran is always welcomed by most importers in other countries due to the existence of mines containing building stones with high quality and variety. The best-selling stones in international markets are marble, crystal, granite and travertine. Export stones are mainly prepared in the form of copes or stone sheets in various dimensions of tiles. Ati Stone Group has introduced types of marble and crystal building stones such as Persian Silk, Ati Brown, Cano Crystal and Maron as the most beautiful and high quality types of marble in the world and has been able to make a surprise in the international stone market in a short time. The existence of Baqarabad mine (Bayat) as the largest gray mine and the owner of the good gray marble in the world called "Silk Emperador" or "Persian Silk" has made the Ati Stone Group is the only manufacturer of this beautiful and high quality stone in Iran and the world

This group With a monthly production of 28,000 square meters of Persian Silk marble in various dimensions of tiles and slabs and the export this beautiful marble, has been able to attract many customers in various countries such as Australia, India and China. High quality and variety of products in design and color, suitable prices, using equipped machines and new technologies of extraction, cutting and processing have made Ati Stone is one of the successful exporters in this field. Customer trust and satisfaction is not accidental and is the result in the efforts of experts and specialists of the Ati Stone Group to produce the best products. You can also feel the difference in quality and price of our products with other products by buying different types of building stones, facade stones, marble and crystal from the Ati Stone Group

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Export of beautiful Persian Silk building marble
Sending "hond" emperador silk stone (Bayat) to Australia

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