?What is a bookmatch and formatch slab stone and what is it used for

?What is a bookmatch and formatch slab stone and what is it used for

The arrangement of two or more stone slabs so that the lines and designs in the slabs extend symmetrically is called bookmatching. Bookmatch in the word means open book, and this type of arrangement of slabs together symmetrically illustrates this object. Two slabs together form a bookmatch and four slabs form formatch


?What is the use of bookmatch and formatch 

Bookmatch is used to the design of large spaces such as paving halls and hotels and entrance halls, walls and conference rooms, but nowadays a new type of bookmatch is marketed as a tile for small spaces such as walls and kitchen counters. Our advice to you is to use this type of slab in large sizes because it makes the stone veins fit perfectly together and gives a stunning beauty to the interior

In general, the applications of bookmatch and formatch slabs can be mentioned as follow

Paving large halls such as hotels•

Interior wall of the building, fireplace and elevator•

Luxury shopping malls•

Decorative spaces•

Master bathroom and toilet•

?How is the production process of bookmatch

To produce this type of slabs, first after extracting the stone from the mine, the stones cut into slabs or tiles with a thickness of 2 or 3 cm (depending on customer needs and market demand), then the sub operation perform on The first cutting slab and the side slab is subed on the other side in the opposite direction. After this step, by accurately numbering the slabs in double or quadruple pairs, a beautiful bookmatch frame is created. It should be noted that to increase the strength and resistance of this type of slabs, epoxy injection is done before the sub operation

?What kind of stones are processing in bookmatch

Usually stones with embossed designs and patterns are suitable for use as bookmatch. Among the stones used as bookmatch slab: marble and crystal mentioned


?What is the price of Bookmatch and Formatch Slab stone in the market

The price of this type of slabs is relatively high due to their large size and difficult processing type, but depending on the type of stone, processing quality and the type of design, the price of this type of slabs varies

Ati Stone Group is proud of 100% customer satisfaction by producing marble and crystal bookmatch with the best quality and price with a unique design in many building projects, hotels and commercial centers

For price inquiries and other additional information, you can contact with our experts in the sales department




Investigation of price, application and characteristics of different types of marble and crystal bookmatch and formatch stone in slab and tile dimensions
Beautiful Persian Silk Formatch produced by Ati Stone Group


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