Iranian building stone industry and its export

Iranian building stone industry and its export

In today's world, population growth and development of the country, as well as meeting the growing need for housing and construction of residential, office and industrial complexes, has doubled the importance of exploring and exploiting the building stones used in the facade.

Compared to the countries with stone industry in the world such as Italy, China, India and Turkey, the construction stone industry in Iran is facing many problems. Although production costs in Iran are lower than other countries, but the existence of old machinery and also the lack of a suitable platform for sales and spending extra and unnecessary costs has increased the final cost in Iran and greatly reduced the ability to compete with other countries. Studying the Iranian stone industry, what attracts our attention the most is the lack of codified planning in various fields of this industry such as mining, processing, marketing and stone trade.

In this article, we have briefly reviewed the export of building stones.

Provide effective marketing solutions to increase exports of Iran's construction stone industry

Effective advertising is not only desirable but also essential. Given that the reason for the failure of many firms to enter the field of export or their failure to maintain and expand international target markets for products or services, is the lack of an executive plan to implement the company's marketing strategy, so the key to solving The riddle is to find the answer to the question, what is the executive plan for implementing the marketing strategy?

The executive plan includes a set of measures in the field of export marketing, the step-by-step and accurate implementation of which leads to success in that field. Accurate implementation of all steps, including: identifying the target market, formulating export marketing strategies, preparing marketing communication tools, promoting and creating demand, can lead to increased profits and market growth of the company's products or services in international target markets. Studies have shown that only about 35% of the stone processing units in the  Markazi province are equipped with modern technologies and most of them, in the measurement criteria in relation to effective marketing techniques, successful sales and customer orientation, have an average score . They are weakening that with the generalization of this result to the whole country, the stone industry needs to fundamentally reform the existing methods in order to move in the direction of export. Based on the research findings, the role and impact of the main factors affecting the development of Iranian building stone exports can be summarized as follows.

  • Improving political relations with the aim of exporting Iran in order to have more access to stone consumption markets
  • Creating and instilling an export-oriented attitude in the senior managers of stone cutting units and stone processing factories
  • Using people familiar with the culture and language of the target markets to facilitate business communication
  • Establishment and development of specialized export companies, with the participation of retail companies to reduce marketing costs, consolidate sporadic activities and increase competitiveness for direct participation in international projects and tenders
  • Focusing export companies on the role of building trust with customers
  • Continuous communication with customers and attention to them after delivery of goods
  • Active, purposeful and continuous participation in international and specialized exhibitions of stone, building and interior decoration, to present the country's capabilities in this field and to establish a direct relationship with customers.
  • Conducting marketing research by large companies in the field of finding new markets or developing existing markets according to internal capabilities, customer tastes and the characteristics of current and future needs of target markets
  • Proper pricing, especially at the beginning of entering new markets due to competitors' prices
  • Observing the conformity of the delivered goods in terms of quality characteristics, in accordance with the conventional contract samples to the usual extent.


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