Advantages and disadvantages of granite


Advantages and disadvantages of granite

Despite all the unique advantages of granite, we considered it necessary in this article from Ati stone Group to mention the disadvantages of granite so that we can help you to have a better view in choosing the right stone for your space.

Advantages of granite:

  • Very high strength and durability
  • Resistance to water and chemical penetration
  • High transparency and uniform surface
  • High color variation
  • Excellent  impact resistance
  • Compatibility with other building materials
  • Heat resistant
  • Corrosion resistant

Despite all the excellent properties of granite and its widespread use in various places and spaces of the building (facade - wall - floor) in recent years, comprehensive research has been done on granite and it has been determined that granite also has disadvantages. in In this article, we will briefly discuss the disadvantages of granite.

Harms of granite on human health:

Experiments have shown that granite rocks contain heavy radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium, etc., which are the causes of cancer in the present age. Radon gas, which is produced from the decay of uranium in granite, is the second leading cause of cancer after smoking, which can accumulate in the environment and enter the human lung system, and with its persistence can have harmful effects on the health of residents. It can be concluded that the use of granite in indoor places has harmful effects on human health. It should be noted that heavy elements in different granites have different amounts and we have studied in general. Many experts agree that the use of granite tables in the kitchen emits radiation.

Suitable application of granite

Given the above, the use of granite in enclosed spaces such as bedrooms is not recommended to prevent the accumulation of radioactive gases. The use of granite in stairs and even closed spaces that are well ventilated has a very low risk. So the result that can be obtained is to use granite in open spaces or closed spaces that are equipped with ventilation system.

Other disadvantages of granite

Rusting of ferrous metal in granite

Iron element is found in various types of granite rocks, but in Mashhad Marvarid granite has the highest percentage compared to other granites. The presence of iron in granite causes rust, which greatly reduces the beauty of granite. The use of granite in the facade, which is directly exposed to rain, which occurs after the rust time. Of course, there are companies that prevent rust from granite by providing materials that you can easily access by searching on Google.

Non-adhesion of granite to mortar

Due to the low porosity of granite, the adhesion strength to cement is also low, which when used in wall facades, due to the high weight of granite and some unstable factors, it separates from the mortar and the stone falls. Screw and check periodically to avoid this problems.

Granite is not a good insulator

Granite is not a heat and sound insulator that causes energy loss in the building.

Closing remarks:

It is better not to use granite stones in the interior of the building and hospital and laboratory environments and in general in closed spaces, but this stone due to its high strength by using safety requirements in the exterior and also for paving the surfaces where traffic is in. It is very suitable.

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