Application and introduction of different types of building stones and factors affecting the price of stone

Application and introduction of different types of building stones and factors affecting the price of stone

In this article from Ati Sang Group, we try to describe brief and brief information about building stones in Iran, including the specifications, features, dimensions and location of different types of building stones and their price base for you who are interested in the stone market.

Building stones have unique properties that are in no way comparable to other building materials. Among their characteristics are very high durability and strength, optimal polishing, high abrasion resistance, good cutability, washability, color stability, resistance to heat, cold, humidity and weather conditions, excellent tensile and flexural strength, impermeability, hardness and strength High pressure, resistance to acidic and alkaline substances and… noted.

Building stones have many capabilities and each of them is suitable for a specific space, they can be used as wall coverings and exterior facades, road infrastructure, walls and foundations, street and sidewalks and various decorations.

Each of the building stones has different properties that are widely used in the construction industry, for example, travertine and granite due to high resistance to cold, heat and rain in the exterior of the building are used more and  marble are used for stunning beauty in interior decoration and indoor spaces.

 Among the applications of stones in the construction industry, the following can be mentioned:

Interior floor of the building, interior and commercial interior flooring, interior and exterior wall coverings, corridors, stairs and steps, interior decoration of the building, bathroom, lobby of hotels and commercial centers and many  other spaces where stone can be used.

Categories and types of building stones

The stones used in the construction industry have different origins, such as  marble, granite, travertine, porcelain, etc. These stones have different applications in the construction industry and with deformation or without physical deformation, as mentioned, they are used in one of the parts of the building such as floor, foundation, wall, facade, paving, etc., are divided into two categories: foundation stones and Facade stones are divided.

Stones used in infrastructure

Pebbles, carcasses, etc. are stones that are used in foundations, paving of streets and alleys, walls and arches of buildings, etc. Not much work is done on these stones and for this reason they are used in the main physical parts and maintenance of the building.

Sturdy stones that have special quality characteristics and can be produced after cutting in different sizes and after sanding and polishing the stones, they are used in parts of the building that are exposed, such as interior and exterior wall coverings, The floor of the room and the building and etc.

The most common decorative and facade stones are:

  • onyx marble
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Chinese or crystal
  • Conglomerate
  • Quartzite

Stone suitable for The interior of the building

Marble and onyx marble stones are dedicated to the interior spaces of the building and the closed spaces of commercial and office centers. In general, we are not allowed to use them in the exterior and landscaping.

Stone suitable for outdoor space

Stones used outdoors should be resistant to sunlight and atmospheric factors. The best type of stone for the exterior of travertine, granite or sandstone.

Suitable stone for stairs

Granite is best used on stairs and footpaths, especially if it is in busy places. Because granite has a very high strength.

Flooring stone suitable for interior spaces of the building

The best choice of stones for indoor flooring are marble and onyx marble. These two stones are also suitable for commercial and office spaces, but due to high traffic, the most desirable type of these two stones should be used.

Flooring stone suitable for outdoor spaces

For spaces such as roofs and sidewalks, stones that are resistant to frost and pressure should be used, which is why the use of travertine, porcelain and granite stones for roofing and sidewalks are very good options.

The perfect stone for the lobby of luxury hotels and malls

Marble and onyx marble stones are widely used for the closed spaces of hotels and commercial centers that are not exposed to direct sunlight, and depending on the marble quarry, they are considered as luxury stones.

Factors affecting the final price of stone

Different types of stones produced in Iran are graded and priced accordingly, respectively, super garde, first grade and so on, which are mentioned below.

In marble, the uniformity of colors and the type of lines.

In granites, stains and streaks of different colors.

In porcelain stone, the type of streaks and uniform color.

In marble, the colors are preferably light gray and cream and the streaks are uniform.

In travertine, like marble, light cream color has the greatest effect, and streaks and uniformity have the greatest effect.

The stones produced in the Iranian stone market are known as longitudinal stones in the form of 40 cm wide, 2 cm in diameter and free length.

    If they are produced with a thickness of 3, 4 cm and a width of 35 cm, they are known as stairs.

Used with thicknesses of 3 and 4 and widths of 40 for doors and widths of 50 and 60 open or cabinets.

The size of 60  and above is called a board that is produced in a limited number of factories, the price of which is higher than 40 cm wide stones and up to 250  cm. , Depending on the material, can be marketed.

Important point in the price of building stone:

The basis of stone pricing in Iran is a width of 40 cm and a free length, and any change in its size and ordering entails additional costs, such as 40 * 40. In the price inquiry, its size and thickness must be specified.


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