Types of materials required in building facade design

The facade of buildings requires a certain architectural style, depending on the type of culture and region. Today, all kinds of stone facades are used to make the buildings more beautiful. Among building facades, stone facade is more popular with architects and builders.

Combined view of stone and composite:

The most widely used composite facade of the building is the use of composite and stone. Usually the stone used in the design of this type of facade is travertine stone and composite is used in the prominent parts of the façade.

  • Combined facade of brick and stone
  • Compared to other composite facades, it costs less and the most commonly used facade stone is travertine.
  • Combined view of wood (thermowood) and stone
  • It costs more than other composite facades, but due to the beauty created in this composite facade, it has attracted the attention of most architects and builders.
  • Combined view of wood (thermowood) and composite
  • Composite view of composite and slabco.

Stone facade features:

  • The beauty of the stone façade
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • Adhesion above the facade stone
  • Low weight of facade stone

Types of building facade stones:

Travertine facade stone:

The most common and best choice for use in the exterior and even the interior of the building is travertine.

Due to its light weight and good porosity, this stone has good adhesion with mortar and does not need to be scooped for use in building facades.

As a result, the possibility of detaching it from the building facade is minimized.

This stone has a high color variety and is available in cream, brown, gray, brown, beige, red, white and black.

Marble façade:

  • This type of metamorphic stone weighs more than travertine and has less pores.
  • This type of stone is mostly used in the interior of the building, floor covering, stairs, paving due to its stunning beauty.
  • To use in the exterior of the building and the wall stone, you must pay special attention to the type of marble, sub and its thickness.
  • This stone is suitable for volume work and cutting tools due to its softness.
  • Marble is more expensive than travertine and, like granite, is one of the most expensive building stones on the market.

Granite façade:

Granite is a type of igneous rock with large crystals that is less used in the exterior of buildings than travertine due to its high weight, lack of adhesion to mortar and cement and oxidation of iron impurities in this stone.

Sandstone façade:

Sandstone or sandstone is a type of soft sedimentary rock that is used in building facades due to its cheapness.

This stone has a high resistance to frost and weathering.

Chinese stone (crystal):

Porcelain or crystal is usually found in bright white colors.

Water absorption of this stone is less than travertine.

In the past, this stone was widely used in the exterior of the building. But today, it is used as a bookmatch and formch in the facades of luxury buildings, paving and flooring, and because of its beautiful designs, it has become very popular among the people Other stones used in the stone facade of the building can be ax, marble, diorite, quartzite, windbreak can be mentioned.

In short, the stone facade should be:

Have high resistance and strength against heat, cold, sun rays, ultraviolet rays.

It should have low water absorption so that it does not wear out and fail due to rain, snow and moisture

Must have good adhesion to mortar and cement. Because the lack of adhesion to the mortar over time causes the stone to fall from the facade of the building.Has good flexural, abrasion and tensile strength.

It should be selected depending on the weather conditions of the area. For example, in cold regions with heavy rainfall, rocks with low porosity should be used. Because over time, the freezing of water inside the pores of the rock causes cracks and fractures of the rock.

The color of the building facade stone should not change in different conditions and should have a high durability.

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