Stone mines of Ati Sang Group, production of Bayat and Neyriz marble

Bagherabad mine is the only producer of Persian silk called Bayat silk Emperador in Iran​​​​​​​

The existence of Baqarabad mine (Bayat) as the largest gray mine and the owner of the good gray marble in the world called "Silk Imprador" or "Persian Silk" has made the Ati sang group is the only manufacturer of this beautiful and high quality stone in Iran and the world
​​​​​​​This complex has the Emperador Silk stone mines, black marble, Crystal and Bagherabad marble and two stone processing units equipped with the latest Italian machines for producing slabs and tiles. Bayati brothers mines and factories group with the support of mines and processing units ables to Stone supplying of medium and large projects in all countries in accordance with current world standards. Also, this complex has recorded the export of raw and processed stone to China, India and Italy in its portfolio.

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