Ati Sang Group Services

Marble and Crystal Building Stones Information Reference (Neyriz Crystal)

The Ati Sang Group considers itself obliged to process and give the desired products to the customers in the shortest time and with the highest possible quality. We are proud to have been successful in doing this important role so far and we will always strive to continue on this path.
The Ati Sang Group is currently processing and manufacturing building stone in more than five factories. Persian Silk or Silk Emperador is the most important stone produced by the Ati Sane Group, which includes 80% of our monthly production of 30,000 square meters. One of the most important reasons for the high quality of production and processing of the Ati Sang group is the existence of factories equipped with the most advanced equipment in the world. "Ati Brown" and "Crystal Maron" are other products of the Ati Sang oup.​​​​​​​

Production and processing of quality building stone

Design, installation, implementation and consulting of Ati Sang Group

Since the correct and principled performance of a building project is not an easy task and also requires expertise, we decided to take on this serious taskDue to requirment of respectable customers and also the lack of experts in the field of design, installation and implementation in 2016, Ati Sang Group established a technical and engineering group in the field of design, implementation and installation, which was widely attended. The important features of the Ati sang group, including expertise, commitment and professionalism, made to receive many offers from all over Iran, and as a result, doing one of the largest development projects were entrusted us in the country.
The experts of Ati Sang Group, in addition to producing quality building stones as facade stones and floors, can guide you to design, plan and execute a successful building project. Just contact us and start your project with our complete and comprehensive consultation. We are with you until the end.​​​​​​​

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