Venus Plus Hotel Namak Abroud - Chalous

Project done by Ati Sang Group

Venus Plus Hotel started its activities in the summer of 2017. This hotel has 16 floors. The five-star Venus Plus Hotel in Chalus, with 60 residential units on 4 floors, hosts tourists from all of the world. The type of stone used in this project is the beautiful Persian Silk marble, produced by Ati Stone Group. This type of exclusive marble of Ati Stone Group has been widely welcomed by architects and contractors in large projects in Iran due to its high quality, suitable color and design.
Ati Stone Group with producing various types of marble building stones, made it possible to use these excellent Iranian stones for types of projects such as commercial, residential complexes, restaurants and hospitals.

  • Type of stone: Emperador Silk

  • Dimensions of stone: Slab 

  • Progress: 100%

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