Wall stone and its features

Wall stone and its features

The walls of the building are one of its main elements. Most of the space in front of people's eyes are the walls of a building. Walls are in fact the strong foundations of a building that must be technically and civil strong and at the best level in terms of aesthetics.

For this reason, the use and application of appropriate methods and materials to beautify and strengthen the building is considered important. One of the most suitable choices in this field is building stones. The choice of wall stone is done according to different parameters and characteristics. Quality, design, size and most importantly the price of wall stone are the points that you should pay full attention to.

Building stones have various uses of building facades, bathrooms and kitchens, building paving, stairs, etc. One of the important applications of building stones is to use them to decorate the interior and exterior walls of the building.

Wall stones that are used in outdoor spaces, such as:

yard wall stone and exterior wall / parking wall stone

Wall stones that are used indoors, such as:

stair wall stone / bathroom  wall / decorative stone house wall / bedroom wall / living room wall / TV wall / fireplace wall / kitchen wall

Wall decoration is very effective both in the interior and exterior of the building. Building stones have various properties that have various uses depending on their type and material and are highly recommended for decorating the walls of the building. Of course, as mentioned, not every stone can be used for every space, for example, for indoor spaces, you can use different types of marble, and for outdoor space, crystal stones, of course, it is good to know that crystal stone depending on its characteristics Capable of working in both spaces.

There are now new and incredibly beautiful styles of building stones such as bookmatch or fourmatch designs for interior and exterior design of the building. Using them properly, you can easily design and decorate home, workplace, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Advantages of using building stone for walls

In the articles on Ati Sang site, we have talked in detail about the characteristics of a number of building stones. But using natural stone to decorate the wall, in addition to those features, has other advantages, such as:

Natural stones are generally sound insulation and prevent sound from entering the space.

If we have a good choice in the stone used, they are definitely heat insulators and prevent energy loss.

An important advantage of natural stones is that they are easy to clean.

Yard wall stone and exterior wall of the building

Choosing wall stone for the yard of a building, villa, garden, etc., due to being in direct contact with atmospheric factors such as temperature changes and humidity, we must be especially careful. If we do not have a good choice, we have to pay attention to the consequences of our choice. Among the problems of improper choice are the separation of the stone from the wall, the change of the color of the stone, the oxidation and breaking of the stone. With these principles, the choice of travertine and porcelain stone is completely preferable to marble and granite. Of course, although marble is not used for outdoor space, but it is possible to use high thicknesses without its sub in certain conditions, or for example, granite can be used by thinking of measures such as using screw.


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