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What are the properties of marble?
Benefits of Marble
• Various designs and colors and its polished and shiny surface;
• High specific gravity of this stone;
• Easy to install;
• Low porosity and high adhesion to mortar;
• Low water absorption;
• High thermal resistance;
• High abrasion, compressive and bending resistance to travertine;
• Excellent sub-susceptibility;
• A good choice for the interior of the building as a floor and wall covering at a reasonable price;
• Existence of rich and quality marble mines in Iran;
• Does not lose its color over a long period of time and does not discoloration.

Disadvantages of marble
• Low resistance to acid, alkali and erosion. Therefore, it is recommended not to use marble in bathrooms because it is in contact with detergents.
• transformation to climate change
• Some samples of marble have high water absorption, so they are not suitable for the exterior of buildings and places where there are rainfall.

• Its low resistance to granite, so it is recommended to use granite in crowded and busy places.

In general, marble is one of the most beautiful and diverse building stones, which is divided into three categories: crystal, cloud and porcelain. The higher density of this stone causes it has had a high quality and durability.
Gray and black colors in marble are due to presence of carbon, green due to presence of chlorite and silicate, yellow and cream due to presence of limonite and pink and red color created in some marbles due to presence of hematite particles.
For example, Persian Silk or Silk Emperador marble is gray background and Dehbid marble is cream.

Persian Silk or Silk Emperador marble is one of the luxury and popular stones in the market. This stone is a good choice for building interior design. Special color, unique gloss, high quality has made this stone is according to any style.

What is the marble?
According to the intenational standard definition, marble is one of the types of metamorphic limestone that its main constituent is calcium carbonate, and it is composed of other components such as calcite, dolomite and crystal. Due to the presence of magnesium carbonate in the structure of marble, it is called dolomitic, calcite and magnesium marble. If the crystal in marble is small, Its polishing ability and resistance to weathering increase.

This type of building stone has less porosity than travertine, also its compressive and abrasion resistance is higher.
Veins formed on the surface of marble are due to the presence of minerals such as quartz, hematite, limonite and perite. As mentioned, one of the differences between marble and travertine is less porosity and higher compressive strength, but usually, non-specialists can hardly distinguish between these two types of building stone. One of the distinguishing marks of these two types of stones is the back of the stone. Unlike travertine, marble usually has no pores and veins are seen in this type of stone.​​​​​​​
The polished surface, unique gloss, high strength and resistance, various colors and designs of marble stones have made it is one of the best selling export stones and luxury building stones. This stone gives a beautiful appearance to the interior decoration of buildings and commercial centers and facade of the building.

کاربرد سنگ ساختمانی مرمریت در دکوراسیون داخلی خانه
خرید مستقیم از سنگ مرمریت
تفاوت سنگ مرمریت و مرمر
ضخامت سنگ مرمریت طرح‌دار قهوه‌ای
فروش و قیمت سنگ فورمچ و بوک‌مچ
لیست قیمت انواع سنگ مرمریت

Type of marble
Persian Silk or Emperador Silk marble produced by Ati Group is a gray background, Mahkam marble is a brown background, Sabzevar and Kashmar marble is a white background, Najafabad marble, Golden Black, Dehbid black and Birjand black are black background, Bavanat and Bajestan marble are red background and Hersin and Dehbid Shayan and Namin marble are cream background and all these stones are high quality and best-selling marble stones in the Iranian stone market.
Bayat Persian Silk marble is an ideal choice for interior and exterior decoration of buildings due to its excellent chemical and physical analysis, high resistance to flame and erosion, unique beauty, type of processing and high quality. Just visit our products only once to see the quality of work closely.

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What are the applications of marble?
Considering the disadvantages and advantages mentioned in the previous section, marble is a good choice in the interior of buildings, walls, stairs, kitchen counters, etc. Choosing quality marble doubles the beauty of your home and building facade.
Bayat Persian Silk marble has always been widely welcomed by architects and interior designers all over the world due to its high quality, stunning beauty and its popular color.
Marble can be used in the exterior of buildings if the following terms are met:
  1- Surface of the stone should not be sub-eaten
2- high thick stone should be used. Tehran Freedom Tower is an example of this type of application.

One of the tips to keep marble better for a long time is to protect the back of the stone from moisture and clearing dirt from the surface of the marble.
In addition, one of the most suitable places where marble can be used is the interior of buildings. A variety of colors, especially cream, gray, brown and black are suitable for this type of application.
Also if stone contains fewer veins, its strength is high. Therefore, marble stones with less veins have a higher price than other marbles. This stone is sold in the form of slabs and tiles in various thicknesses, but the most common and best-selling type is 3 to 4 cm thick sorts.​​​​​​​

Marble price
The price of marble in the market depends on several factors:
1. Number of stone veins: As mentioned, the fewer marble veins have made the higher strength of the stone and as a result, the price of marble rises.
2. Thickness and dimensions of the stone: The thickness and dimensions of the stone will play an important role in determining the price of the stone. The dimensions of marble indicate its solidity and texture strength. Therefore, the larger the dimensions of the marble have made the higher the price of the stone.
3. Processing quality: The processing quality of marble depends on the amount of sub, cutting accuracy, type of packaging and transportation, and type of resin used. In general, If the physical and chemical analysis of marble is closer to the desired level, this stone has higher quality and price.
4. Stone grade and sort: Stone sorting is done using advanced sorting machines. The more accurate and uniform the sort, the higher price.
5. Color and design of stone: Light colors of marble have a higher price due to the greater acceptance of designers and architects.
6. Stone mine: The stones extracted from different mines have different qualities. Bayat mine, as the largest gray mine in Iran, has the highest quality gray marble in Iran (Persian Silk or Silk Emperador).
7. In addition to the mentioned factors, the type of quality of the sub, the type of bites and the number of times of the sub increase the transparency and shininess of the marble, and as a result, increase the price of the marble.
Ati Sang Group with a monthly production of more than 28,000 square meters of beautiful Persian Silk marble in slab and tile dimensions in 7 manufacturing factories, is the exclusive and specialized producer of this marble in Iran. Persian Silk or Silk Emperador marble is mainly used as a slab in large spaces such as meeting halls, ceremonial halls, lobbies of luxury hotels and luxurious buildings.

To buy marble, pay attention to the following points:

1. Marble suitable for the interior of buildings must withstand a minimum compressive strength of 300 kg / cm.
2. Water Absorption for use in the exterior of buildings is a maximum of 2%.
3. To buy marble as a floor, its compressive strength should be 270 kg / cm for residential units, 500 kg / cm for commercial and office units and 900 kg / cm for parking lots.
4. Purchased marble must be free of cracks, grooves, fractures and rot.
5. Also pay attention to stone application. For example, if a stone with high water absorption is used for a place with high humidity, the stone will stain over time and change color and shape.
6. In addition, the quality of processing, stone color, stone size and price are also very important at the time of purchase.

Marble Mines
Today, one of the largest countries in the field of marble production is Italy. In Iran, due to the existence of mines rich in this stone and the high quality of marble, the production of this beautiful building stone has increased. According to intenational statistics, Iran is one of the top 10 countries in terms of diversity and richness of building stone, which marble with a share of 53% has the highest production in this sector. Then granite with 35%, travertine with 10.5% and marble with less than 1% are produced and marketed.
Important provinces in the field of processing and production of this building stone include Isfahan, Neyriz Fars, Markazi and Kurdistan, Azna, Aligudarz and south of Kerman.
The mine of this beautiful marble is Fars province near the city of Neyriz, which Bayat Persian Silk mine is one of the most famous and high-quality mines in Iran. Bayat mine is the largest gray mine in Iran and the owner of the highest quality gray marble in the world called Emperador Silk or Persian Silk has made Ati Sang Group is the only producer of this beautiful and quality building stone in Iran and the world.
The high quality of the stone extracted from this mine has made mine has very good export sorts. Bayat Persian Silk marble produced by Ati Sang Group has attracted the attention of many top designers and architects of the building. This stone has a gray background with white veins. Structurally, Persian Silk marble is very strong and high resistant to thermal, abrasion, flexural and low water absorption, very high density have made this stone is one of the highest quality luxury stones in the Iranian market. Also, the white and light lines on the surface make this stone is beautiful. The use of Silk Emperador Marble along with dark stones creates a very beautiful and eye-catching combination. In many luxurious interior designs of the building, this stone is used as a floor and wall covering along with black, brown and dark stones.

سنگ مرمریت تیره
سنگ مرمریت پرشین سیلک خاکستری معدن بیات
سنگ مرمریت سیلک امپرادور مناسب برای نما
سنگ مرمریت سفید
سنگ مرمریت برای راه پله و کابینت
سنگ ساختمانی مرمریت سیلک امپرادور طوسی
کاربرد سنگ مرمریت چیست
سنگ مرمریت چگونه تشکیل می شود و جز کدام دسته سنگها است
بازار سنگ چینی نی‌ریز
سنگ مرمریت روشن
سنگ چینی نی‌ریز
انواع سنگ چینی مناسب برای نما و کف
سنگ مرمریت بوک‌مچ صادراتی پرشین سیلک خاکستری
معایب مزایا کاربرد قیمت سنگ مرمریت
بهترین سنگ مرمریت صادراتی در بازار سنگ ایران
سنگ فورمچ چینی ممتاز
کاربرد سنگ چینی نی‌ریز
انواع سنگ ساختمانی چینی
مرجع قیمت و فروش سنگ چینی

high quality Ati brown stone

The colors on the surface of marble are generally due to the presence of impurities such as silica, mica, iron oxide, graphite and calcareous materials. Usually, Dense marble has low water absorption (about 2%) and lower density marble has high water absorption (about 4 to 12%).
Magnesium-containing marbles are more resistant than pure calcite marbles due to the presence of magnesium and the high hardness of magnesium carbonate in it (about 3.5 to 4). Therefore, most of this type of marble is used in stairs and exterior of buildings such as floors.
Resins, adhesives, and epoxies are commonly used to increase the strength and durability of marbles and have made to cover the pores in the stone and increase resistance to pressure.
One way to determine the density and solidity of marble is to hit the back of the stone with a metal object. If the sound is lower to the unsub part of the stone, this marble has a higher density.
Marble cutting is in the form of cutting wire and is produced in the form of tiles and slabs with a thickness of 18 to 30 mm, depending on the type of application.

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